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Aramark Rebrand


My last assignment with DRAFTFCB was leading a team to pitch and win the Aramark business.

Our challenge was to rebrand Aramark in a more contemporary, future-focused manner. One that puts their people and their customers first. And one that represents an organization built of dreamers and doers.

Aramark Logo Exploration

A short video of how we took the existing equity of the Aramark logo and turned it towards the future, better representing Aramark’s core value of “people first.”

Aramark Day One print


This ad launches the first day of a new Aramark. It includes the new brand line We Dream. We Do. Positioning Aramark as an innovative organization that is also capable of executing on those innovations.

Aramark Day One video




CD: Jim Copacino
CW: Mike Hayward
AD: Michael McGrath
Photographer: Greg Sweney 


The assignment—create a training video that teaches people how to care for their whiteboard—all with a non-existent budget.
The solution—call in a lot of favors and have some fun.
CD: Michael McGrath
AD: Kristin Haley
CW: Lauren Hystead
Director: James Kozar

Starbucks Coffee Canada Brand Campaign

This is the first brand campaign Starbucks Canada ever produced. While established in the U.S., Starbucks lagged behind Canadian darling Tim Hortons. We had to postion Starbucks as a comfortable place to enjoy any time of day. A sharp contrast to the QSR feel of Tim Hortons.
ECD: Stanley Hainsworth
CD/AD: Michael McGrath
CW: Ethan Johnson
Photographer: Peter Leverman
Illustrator: Michael McGrath

Tazo Tea




Print campaign promoting new Tazo tea flavors available at various retail outlets.
CD: Michael McGrath
AD: Larry Weiner
CW: Ethan Johnson

Sharpie Music Video

Sharpie Music Video featuring California Wives “Purple”

We put out a call for Sharpie fans to submit creations that would appear in the first ever Sharpie music video. Hundreds of submissions were then featured alongside the band. Created a video for the band and cut down to a :30 second spot that aired during the MTV Music Video Awards.
CD/AD: Michael McGrath
AD: Zack Fagin
Director: Benjamin Flaherty

Sharpie Films





Sharpie presents its latest installation of films featuring artists using Sharpie markers in their creations.
CD/AD: Michael McGrath
AD: Zack Fagin
Director: David Holm
Music: Ellis Hawes


Digital ad placement tying Sharpie advocates featured in TV and online films to specific products. Linked directly to product pages.
CD: Michael McGrath
AD: Zack Fagin

Sharpie VMAs Digital




This was a series of online call-to-actions asking Sharpie fans to submit artwork that would then be used in the development of the first ever Sharpie Music Video to air during the MTV Video Music Awards.
CD: Michael McGrath
AD: Zack Fagin


Series of posters for Valspar. Each was silk screened using actual Valspar paint.
GCD: Gigi Carroll
CD/AD: Michael McGrath
CD/CW: Drew Donatelle
AD/Designer: Kristin Haley
Screen Printing: Delicious Design League


This video tells the story of how we created these posters.







COPY: ONE PERFORMANCE INSPIRES ANOTHER. Introducing MOTOACTV. The GPS fitness tracker that intuitively uses music to push you to new levels of athletic performance. Life. M Powered.
CD/AD: Michael McGrath
CW: Laura Keeler
Photographer: Sandro
Retoucher: Karyn Bieneman





California Pizza Kitchen


Feature the unique ingredients of California Pizza Kitchen as alternative to the basic ingredients of more traditional frozen pizza.
CW: Laura Keeler
Lettering: Jessica Hische
Photography: Rita Maas


A branding video we created showing how SC Johnson Glade could own “the air.”
GCD: Mary Knight
CD/AD: Michael McGrath
Designer: Myra Mazzei

Diners Club International

CD: Kurt Fries
CD/AD: Michael McGrath
CW: Laura Keeler
Designer: Alison Miller
Photographer: Andy Anderson

Group Health

A series of television ads acknowledging that, for young adults, choosing a healthcare provider is rarely top of mind. But maybe it should be.
CD: Mary Knight
ACD/AD: Michael McGrath
CW: Beth Kinney
Producer: Jenn Allen


Children’s Hospital—television

This campaign features real stories of real Children’s Hospital patients. It is intended to educate that Children’s Hospital is the place to go for both serious and less-serious medical needs because above all, “nobody knows children like Children’s.”

CDs: Mary Knight, Tom Scherer
AD: Michael McGrath
CW: Steve Utaski
Producer: Jenn Allen
Director: Susan Buster Thomas
Music: Michael Cozzi

Dixie’s BBQ

Dixie’s BBQ has a reputation of some of the hottest bbq sauce known to man. AND it also happens to be housed in an old service station. These posters were designed to promote both attributes in a fun, unexpected way.
CD: Mary Knight
CW: Martha Craig
AD/Illustration: Michael McGrath

Bellevue Art Museum

Posters to launch the opening of Bellevue Art Museum, a museum where the art is intended to be handled, altered and manipulated. The way the viewer interacts with the art becomes a part of the exhibit. These posters were designed to remind us that we are all creative in our own way and BAM is a place where we can engage that creative-side.
CD: Mary Knight
AD: Michael McGrath
CW: Steve Utaski
Photographer: Rosanne Olson

The Boeing Company

Boeing is best known for its prowess in the commercial aircraft category, specifically the 747. While the commercial aircraft industry had slowed, we developed this campaign to highlight unexpected technologies Boeing helped develop—including the International Space Station, floating satellite launch platforms, GPS and the space shuttles.
CD/CW: John Claxton
AD: Michael McGrath
Designer: Wayne Carey 

Baxter Bioscience

Take a company known for IV bags and rubber gloves and create a campaign that positions their BioScience division as a place where ideas thrive.
CD/CW: Mary Knight
ACD/AD: Michael McGrath

Children’s Hospital—print

CDs: Mary KnightTom Scherer
AD: Michael McGrath
CW: Steve Utaski
Photographer: Rosanne Olson